You will probably agree with me that we have different roles in our lives. We are wearing different masks, dependent of the role. We are wearing caps, helmets, covering bodies in uniforms to become the best example of the role. We became partners, parents, employers, business owners, low officers, and lifesavers. We are holding huge responsibilities dependent of the role as well as the weight of what is hidden behind our mask. Unresolved conflicts, unfulfilled dreams, but more importantly our emotions. Emotions that have significant impact on our functioning in everyday life, whether personal or professional.

The current image of strong and successful individuals created by media leaves no space for talk about the price that many people pay for being picture-perfect. The image of being the best, being invincible, having perfectly fitted career, splendid relationship and flawless home often hides dissatisfaction, fear of rejection and evaluation, as well as emotional difficulties. As you know, emotional difficulties are responsible for many health problems, addictions, and even loss of life.

Even so, some people are desperate to fit into this unreal world and to perform their role. But , it doesn’t matter how well you perform your role. The hidden truth can show up in the least expected moment and it can cost you a lot.

Behind every mask the real man is hiding. People with smile on their faces and sadness in in their hearts. Why is so difficult to talk about true emotions? Because is not easy to be real in the “artificial world” We often hide behind the titles, the names of positions, the size of the car, but we suffer like everyone else. However, we are worried that we will lose authority by showing humanity. But professionals are humans too.

…” in a world where everyone is wearing masks, it is a privilege to see souls” A Richardson

Beata Bikowska

Personal Branding Creator, Business Coach & Wellbeing Expert.

I help entrepreneurs increase the well-being of their organizations, increase employee involvement and thus increase income.

I provide you with solutions that make you, your team and your business take off. Clients praise me for my creative approach to the issues raised and for my extraordinary ability to listen empathically. They also highly appreciate cooperation based on partnership relations with each person.