Building a social media strategy for a personal brand is a topic that each of us will come across sooner or later. However, pay attention to one aspect. The threshold to enter social media is very low. All you need to do is create an account on a given portal. Nothing else is needed. You just create an account and start publishing without paying for anything. You often have to pay several thousand or several thousand zlotys for advertising in a newspaper or on the radio, while in social media we become journalists who provide clients with news.


If you want to build an online business and a personal brand in a way that will bring specific results, you need to organize your message properly. You can’t just go in and write „what the saliva will bring to your tongue.” Your statements must be substantive, so that the recipient can easily absorb the most important content.

If you decide to provide valuable content, you become a public figure, and this obliges. If you throw some silly passwords, remove uncomfortable comments, or insult others, people will definitely pay attention to it. The recipients will be watching you closely, they will notice your mistakes, mistakes and mishaps. Public figures who start posting on social media are always evaluated.

In order for your message to be clear, valuable and bring results, you need to use a strategy, i.e. a certain planned action plan that brings results at the end. So how do you plan a way of communicating with your audience?

Three important points in building a strategy in social media:


First, think about which social media you want to be active on, where you want to publish your content. It’s best to choose two or three social media. Once you’ve chosen your channels, remember about consistency in communication. Not every Facebook recipient follows Instagram and vice versa, so you should publish similar messages on all channels. If you publish some information on Facebook and some on Instagram, a person who uses, for example, only Facebook will have incomplete information. In each of the media you use, you must maintain communication consistency and the chronology of events.

Channel selection is really crucial. I communicate on Facebook, Instagram, where I am a bit less systematic, on Linkedin and occasionally on Youtube. These are my choices. My main channel is Facebook. 19 million Poles have Facebook accounts. I believe that it is worth considering the statistics that show that here is the most audience and potential customers.


The second important point is figuring out who you are talking to, who is your community.
Why is it important?

For example, on Facebook, you don’t have to talk to all 19 million people who have accounts there. You probably won’t have enough budget to reach everyone.

The group you build with yourself will define something very important, which is the language and style of communication. When your group is a group of women who graduated from university, communication looks different, when they are at the stage of building solid relationships, getting married, having children, otherwise when they are in their thirties and have no family and have their own businesses, and completely different when they are women in their 50s and they wonder what the future awaits them because they are just divorced.

Thus, an important element of the strategy is establishing the audience. This point cannot be omitted if the message is to bring specific, measurable effects. The lack of a defined target group makes the messages ineffective and does not translate into sales.


The next point is setting goals for action in social media. It can be a sale, but the goal can also be to increase the reach, as many comments, likes and shares as possible. It may also be a goal for your name to appear in as many people as possible and your statements to be cited in the context of what you are doing.

The goals you set for yourself should be measurable. It is worth measuring, for example, how many people have downloaded your e-book, check the list. That is why these goals are measured and finally know if the strategy used is right or wrong.

If you want to build your business and personal brand on social media, you need to know what goals you will pursue when you communicate with your audience through specific channels.


Thanks to it, you keep your message consistent. Once you know what to do, then you will find that these messages arise naturally. If you still know in what areas to communicate, it will be natural that, for example, on Tuesdays you will talk about some things, and on Thursdays about others.

For example, for me, every Tuesday there is a substantive live, and Fridays are casual, during which I am not talking about marketing, but about personal development. Maybe you’ve noticed this rule. The recipients notice this consistency and regularity thanks to our strategy. Consistency causes credibility.

The principle of getting to know me, like me, trust me, buy from me leads to effective sales. Thanks to the strategy, we have elements of know, like and trust that lead to generating sales.

Finally, I recommend our offer of Social Media Support, SMS for short, as part of which we help to ensure that your social media is consistent, reliable, and that it achieves results. Details can be found on my website.


I accompany leaders in the development of a personal brand and online business. I am a PR specialist and an online marketing specialist. I conduct trainings that have been used by over 7,000 people so far.

As an entrepreneur, I am the owner of the Blue Brand marketing agency. I belong to the Polish Public Relations Association and the Polish Business Club.

I am the author and co-author of 10 books, the last of which is "Personal brand and online business (not only for enterprising women)".