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Working with us is your best choice in building a personal brand. Get to know us, trust us and start working with us.

About Us

Together, we form a team that can effectively help you achieve above-average results in building your personal brand and your online business.

We have been cooperating with each other for two years, bringing amazing business solutions to our business partners.

We are successful business and marketing practitioners. Our help is used by private persons and companies.

Personal Branding Strategy

Would you like to be respected, successful, independent, have a rewarding job, maybe some fame?

With a personal brand strategy, all of this can be yours …

Social Media Support

If you have challenges with functioning in social media, you do not know how to increase your reach, you cannot create content that engages the recipients, use our support.

Online Courses

If you like to work at home, you can learn on your own, you want to know exactly what you should implement, online courses are a perfect proposition for you.

Justyna’s Experience

Trainer, leader, online business expert, personal branding consultant trainer, entrepreneur.
The owner of the Blue Brand marketing agency and the director of the Polish Business Club, as well as a member of the Polish Public Relations Association. Director of the Institute of Personal Brand.

It helps create strong brands and increase the revenues of its clients. Author and co-author of 10 books, a passionate woman who is active in the business world, supporting important initiatives.

Its activities and projects have been awarded many times by industry organizations and described by regional and national media. They were also noticed, among others by the President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski.

Every day it fulfills itself by teaching and inspiring people to actively build a strong personal brand and supporting them in this process. Works with owners of large, medium and small companies, with freenalcers, experts and trainers and people who are looking for a new way in their professional life and know that they can achieve it by building a personal brand and online business.

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Beata’s Experience

When I was in college almost 30 years ago (:0) the role of personal brand was not something that people where aware of. The goal was to graduate, get a job and to spend rest of your life there; no matter if you were happy and fulfilled there or not. Climbing the career ladder, changing positions or jobs aroused more anxiety than pleasure and satisfaction. Having many years of personal and professional experiences I decided to share my knowledge, skills and to assist more people. However, I did not know how to communicate it and how to present myself as an expert in my field. Everything changed after recognizing the power of social media and personal brand. It was a moment of tremendous transformation of my business. I become not only visible, but more, also a business partner and personal branding expert.

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